Autumn 2020


Four Saturdays in the autumn term of 2020. 

Players will be asked to attend various sessions on those days. 

For a sample timetable, please click here.


The sessions will include the following:

  • Virtual sectional rehearsals and recordings
  • Lunchtime group activities
  • Study towards the Bronze Arts Award
  • Bingo!


Online, via the Zoom video conferencing application. Meeting details will be sent to those who register. 

For more details, please visit 


The cost for the autumn term is £60 per participant. 

Standard of playing?:

The youth orchestra is ‘intermediate’ to ‘advanced’ in standard. That is to say, you should be about Grade 4 when starting the orchestra. In practice this means that we have some members who are not quite at that level (perhaps at about Grade 3) and some who are well above it - even to Grade 8 and diploma standard. Our aim is to accommodate, stretch and encourage all who wish to participate. You do not need to have taken grade examinations to join the orchestra - you just need to be able to play music which is around Gr 4 standard when you join for the first time. If you’re unsure, please get in touch 

Will I need to audition?:


How do I apply?:

Please complete this Online Registration Form

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